Looks like our weekend is gonna be sandwiched with some FooBar action. We partied on Friday night with Gardens and Natural Child and now it’s time to get down with our buddies Feral Beat, Hans Condor, and The Shrine. It’s been a little while since our last Feral Beat show and we’re assuming it’ll be another little while before we get another chance since Heavy Cream and Useless Eaters are always hitting the road. The Beaters have a single coming out soon from Tic Tac Totally [check out this pic of the test press] We’ll keep you posted as to when it officially drops — ’til then just get over to the Foob and catch them in the flesh and blood tonight.

:: The Shrine
:::: Hans Condor
:::::: Feral Beat
@ FooBar
$TBA – 21+ – 9PM

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