The Gnarwhal guys are about to hit the road again. Hopefully you caught them the other night over at The End with CAVE and Leather Nightmare and Mom & Dad — because, if you didn’t, you’ll have to wait ’til November for your next chance to catch them in the Nashy. They’re kicking it off tonight in Murfreesboro so go and wish the guys a fond farewell and some good luck. It’s been a  minute since we’ve gotten anything new from the guys — I think the last thing we may have picked up was the Duane CD back in March. You can listen to that right here on their bandcamp. Click below for tour dates…


October 13th – Murfreesboro @ House Pride w/Prophet Nathan
October 14th – Birmingham @ The Firehouse
October 15th – Knoxville @ The Poison Lawn
October 16th – Greensboro @ TBA
October 17th – Richmond @ Strange Matter w/The Catalyst
October 18th – Washington, D.C. ?? @ HELP HELP HELP
October 19th – Baltimore/Delaware? (HELP!)
October 20th – Hangin.
October 21st – New York City @ CMJ Showcase @ Parkside Lounge
October 22nd – New Brunswick @ Waffle Office w/Neur
October 23rd – Providence @ The Rabbit Hole
October 24th – Allston, MA @ The Gay Gardens
October 25th – Boston??? HELP
October 26th – HELP PLEASE.
October 27th – Philadelphia @ The El Haus w/Bubonic Bear & Tunnel
October 28th – Cleveland @ Dag House w/Step Dads and Ultra Ultra
October 29th – Athens, OH @ TBA
October 30th – Cincinnati @ Baba Budans
October 31st – Home
November 1st – Homecoming show @ Lil Ham w/ Jealousy Mountain Duo

And, if you feel so inclined as to help the guys on a date that’s marked “HELP” — you can shoot an email to sshellotyler@gmail.com — DO THE RIGHT THING

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