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Sorry for that title up there. We’re sure it left a pretty vile image in your head as opposed to getting you stoked for another Diarrhea Planet tour, but whatever. We’re still clocked in at a little under a month since their album Loose Jewels came out [which you can still snag from Infinity Cat] but this will be their first tour in support of the record. There should be another one coming before the end of the year, so all you Texans and Southerners can get your kicks too. Check out all the tour dates below and get stoked. The tour wraps up in Nashville at The End on September 26th October 26th with everybody’s favorite Screaming Females and Underground Railroad to Candyland [more on that later though]


When: October 14th
City: Carbondale, IL
Venue: Lost Cross House w/ Trauma Harness, It Burns, Bob Sacamano

When: October 15th
City: Indianapolis, IN
Venue: Broadripple Music Fest @ The ES Jungle w/ Rodeo Ruby Love, Blane Fonda, Palace, Tax Brandywine, Indian City Weather, The Midnight Vacancy

When: October 16th
City: Muncie, IN
Venue: Be Here Now (505 Dill St.) w/ Peach Tree, Coach Candy

When: October 17th
City: Columbus, OH
Venue: The 15th House w/ Big Surr, and Big Game

When: October 18th
City: Lafayette, IN
Venue: Foam City (409 N. 3rd St.) w/ Dino DNA

When: October 19th
City: Cleveland, OH
Venue: The Happy Dog

When: October 20th
City: Boston, MA
Venue: GG Allin’s Broken Home (in Allston) w/ Skimask

When: October 22nd
City: New York City, New York
Venue: Cake Shop (early show, we play at 2:30, CapeShok CMJ showcase w/ Turbo Fruits, PUJOL, Colleen Green, and Bleached)

When: October 23rd
City: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: The Golden Tea House w/ The Eeries, Catnaps, HOUND

When: October 24th
City: Baltimore, MD
Venue: The Talking Head (other venue in Sonar, playing w/ Jacuzzi Boys and Barbecutie as an Odd Future after-party….hahaha)

When: October 25th
City: Harrisonburg, VA
Venue: The Massage Garage w/ Hooking Up

When: October 26th
City: Nashville, TN
Venue: The End w/ Screaming Females, and Underground Railroad To Candyland

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  1. matt says:

    it’s october 26th at the end not september

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