We’re pretty positive there hasn’t been a record label started in the last 3 years that has experienced as much growth and success as Sniper’s Captured Tracks in Brooklyn. We’re sure you’re all familiar with them though. They’re the ones responsible for bringing you stuff like Dum Dum Girls and Wild Nothing and Woods and The Beets and blah blah blah we could go on for a while. Mike recently did a nice interview with the guys at Capital New York that we think is a read well-worth your time. You can check it out right here. They address a lot of different things but something we thought was interesting they talked about was bands releasing mass amounts of records in short periods of time in comparison to more major-label artists releasing one record every two or three years. It’s ’cause they’re better, duh. Anyways, check it out and support your friends at Captured Tracks.

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