Probably could’ve seen this one coming — but just in case you’ve been living under a rock or totally oblivious to what’s been happening in town for the last few months — Third Man Records and Infinity Cat are having a total love affair. After all the ICP business and dates with the Raconteurs and doing a Live LP and blah blah blah – the Bogus Bros are getting their own Blue Series 7″ [you already knew that, but check out the cover up there and the back of it below] The single comes out next Tuesday [Oct. 4th] in the typical Blue Series fashion: 100 tri-colors and the rest in black. You’ve probably heard the A-side, “Whatever I Want”, if you’ve seen JEFF in the last few months. You know, the song where Jake is like, “I wanna be a woman” — it’s that one. The B-side looks killer too. Who’s down for some tiger rock? Heavy. Get stoked! Leave it to the Infinity Cat boys to put that infinity wall to good use…

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