Photo by Emily Quirk

That up there is just a little taste of some of the photos we got this weekend during JEFF the Brotherhood’s set at SoundLand. Go grab yourself a napkin or something — you’re drooling on your keyboard. We’ll upload the rest of them a little later today or tomorrow, but we got word from our buddy Sam Smith that posters for Saturday’s show are now available online while supplies last. It’s a pretty sick 2-color print [you can check it out down there or see more photos of it here] The print is limited to 50 copies and is 18×24″ — believe me, you’re gonna wanna grab one. While you’re there, you’d probably be pretty well off to go ahead and snag some of Sam’s other works. The guy’s unstoppable. Go ahead and snag it right here.

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2 responses to “KICKING AND SCREENING”

  1. radDUDEford says:

    raddest jeff show since the last one.

  2. laurent says:

    that sam’s print is so cool, one of the nicest i’ve seen for the boys.

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