Well, with Soundland and GonerFest just around the corner, it’s time for us to unload a nice chunk of shows over a 2-day period that we think are well worth your time. If you like to party and rock and roll. Now — we should start this by mentioning that none of these shows are Soundland exclusive shows. You don’t need to buy a wristband or VIP badge or anything to come. If you have a wristband or VIP badge, you’re more than welcome to come — but you still gotta pay the same cover as everyone else [don’t worry though, we keep it cheap] Ok that was simple enough, let’s get on to talking about what’s sure to be some of the best shows you’ll see ’round town this Fall…



It’s On Me

Acid Baby Jesus are coming to Nashville from farther than anyone else this whole week we think. Hailing from Athens, Greece — Acid Baby Jesus are some crazy rock and rollers who’ve got a new release on Slovenly Records and are touring through the country with Hell Shovel [more on them in a sec] They’ll be doing some GonerFest parties too, so if you’re in that area – be sure to hit it up. Lucky for us Nashvillers, we can catch them for free at our favorite Grimey’s Records before heading over to Exit/In. Doy.

Cheap Rent

Like we just said, Hell Shovel are touring the nation with Acid Baby Jesus. The band’s been around for a bit and features members of The Demon’s Claws, King Khan & The Shrines, and sometimes Mr. Bloodshot Bill. That’s a fucking supergroup if we’ve ever heard of one. They’ll probably do a shorter set than normal at the in-store, so if you’re super inclined to see the whole thing — you might have to head to Memphis for that. Or catch them somewhere else while they’re still on tour.

$6 – 18+ – 8PM

Goodbye Bread

There’s no question as to how we feel about Ty Segall. The golden boy can do no wrong. Case and point: Goodbye Bread. His latest full length that just came out this Summer from Drag City is a total trip and hasn’t left our tables very often. If you were there at The End during the FREAKIN’ WEEKEND when Ty last came to town, then you’re aware of just how wild this should be. You can catch him again the next night in Memphis if you’re heading to GonerFest along with his tourmate Mikal Cronin. As far as future releases go, we’ve heard that Ty has a split 2×7″ with Royal Baths on the way from HoZac. Stoked. The thing that has us most stoked is knowing he’ll be playing with Mikal Cronin…. so maybe we’ll get our Reverse Shark Attack on…


We’ve talked about Mikal a lot over in these parts but you still might be a little unfamiliar. The bad boy is the bass player/lead singer of Moonhearts and his solo debut full length is coming out the day before this show courtesy of Trouble In Mind Records. We’ve heard it and it’s so killer. He’s like a modern-day Del Shannon or something. We’ve never gotten the chance to see him do the solo thing in the flesh and blood — so, as you’d maybe expect, we’re really really excited about it.


I feel like every time we  write about Heavy Cream we say something like, “Is there really anything else we could say about Heavy Cream?” Well, not really, but we can keep talking about how much we love them and how much we think they rule. They’ve got a brand new split 7″ coming out as a part of the Volcom Single Series and their debut LP, Danny, was just released on cassette thanks to our Fullerton bad-boys Burger Records. This is the first show the Creamies will have played in town in quite a while — so don’t miss it because they’re heading back out again soon.

Run Ahead

Oh, young Watusis, it’s been right about a year since you first popped up and started playing shows in Nashy. And what a good year it’s been. With two singles under their belts and plans to start recording again soon, the Watusis seem to have a plateful for themselves and we only expect the best. They’ve been partying hard all September so far and we’re hoping they’ll bring their “A game” this night. If you happen to be in Memphis the next night for the opening night of GonerFest, be sure to take some No-Doz and catch them at an aftershow with Hell Shovel. Should be gnarly


$5 – 18+ – 8PM

Impregnate The Martian Queen

Timmy and the boys rolled through right after SXSW this last March and were definitely one of the best acts to ever grace Glenn Danzig’s House. That’s no lie. They’ll be hitting The End before playing a show the next night at Third Man Records [where they’ll also be recording a LIVE record] Come get a preview of what to expect and — honestly — getting two Human Eye shows is like fucking Christmas. Could you ask for more? OK, well let us tell you about some more…

Makin’ It

Hot off a tour with everyone’s favorite Popper, Hunx & His Punx, the Natural Children will be back in town and ready to light up The End like we all know they can. It’s been a while since you’ve caught them there, right? If we’re not mistaken, we think the last 4 shows they’ve played in town have either been 21+ or a house show in the East Side — So it’ll be nice to get them back at The End and go wild. Their album, 1971, was also just released on cassette from Burger Records — so scoop it and try to keep up with your collection.

Rock Together

Cy and The Way Outsiders are quickly becoming our favorite local band. It’s pretty much a guaranteed party anytime they play around town because we all know Cy is the king of the party [You know it too, don’t kid yourself] They just got back not too long ago from their first East Coast tour and — from the sounds of things — it went gangbusters. Since we haven’t gotten to catch them around town in the last little bit, we’re especially stoked. Word on the street is that we should be expecting some new releases verrry soon from the guys. Keep your eyes out

Sweetest Talk

Probably the freshest-faced band you’ll catch all week. Don’t let that fool you though, the Brooklyn bebes have been around the block and the band features a Peacekiller and a former member of Tyvek. Nothing to scoff at. We think this is their first tour out on the road and we’re glad they wanted to make Nashville a part of it. Get your swoon and croon on.

$2 – ALL AGES – 11PM

Total Creep

Oh sheeeeeitttt, if it isn’t the Portland’s #1 party band coming through Nashy to show us how all the NWers do it [NW = North Westerner, duh] They’ll be en route to GonerFest but we got them to stop in for what’s sure to be a crazy, rock and roll filled, late night party. Mean Jeans have had releases from Trouble In Mind along with Dirtnap and if you’re late to the game – you better do some catch up now so you’re not left behind.


No, not OG Nashville hardcore band Hollywood, but Baltimore’s finest Hollywood. They’re taking their bag across the nation with The Mean Jeans and it’ll be their first time to hit Nashy. We feel pretty good saying that they’ll have a ball. I mean, who could be at The Other Basement late at night after seeing Human Eye, Cy Barkley, Natural Child, and Habibi and have a bummer time? A joker or a jabroni. Don’t be a joker or a jabroni. Get your kicks instead of point your middle fingers down.


What hints can we give as to who exactly “Mountain of Power” are… Hmmm… Well, they are a local band. They just did a tour pretty recently. They rock and they roll. They’re one of our faves. We don’t know — we don’t want to give away too much. We’ll just give you the heads up that you’ll need to bring an old pair of shoes that you don’t care about anymore because you’re gonna get dirty. Good enough? K. Good.

We hope you come out and get your kicks. We just want to rock and roll in Nashville for cheap and with our buddies — that’s the way it’s supposed to be, right? Right. See you at the shows.

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