Knew this one was coming soonly but definitely were not expecting it to hit the streets as quickly as it has. One of the best bands to come about in the last while, OBN III’s, have their debut full-length album ready from Tic Tac Totally [label of the year?] TTT already put out one single for the Austin bad-boys earlier this year that totally slays. You can preview all the tracks from The One and Only... right over here, and from previews alone — shit is sounding tight. Official release date is tomorrow, so get your credit cards ready and warn your neighbors. IT’S ABOUT TO GET LOUD. We’ve gotta step-out here for a second and say that — if you have the chance to see this band live, it’s absolutely necessary that you do. So good. The closest chance you’ll get in the next while is when they play opening night of GonerFest on September 22nd. See you there.

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