Photo by Bekah Cope

This Saturday we’ll be welcoming back our favorite band, Sex Cult. It’s been a minute since their last Nashville trip [back earlier this Summer when Cola Freaks rolled into the Springwater with Useless Eaters and Feral Beat — talk about a killer show] This time they’ll be hitting The End alongside a handful of new(er) bands: New Pleasure – who just self-released their first single and are definitely a band to keep your eyes on, Dirty Dreams – four shows under their belt and the kids are already hooked, and U-nix – it’ll be something, that’s for sure. Sex Cult have two singles coming out soonly from two different Tennessee labels. Can you guess which ones? Prolly. SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!

Saturday August 27
:: Sex Cult
:::: New Pleasure
:::::: Dirty Dreams
:::::::: U-nix
@ The End
$5 – 18+ – 8PM

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