Photo by Bekah Cope

We’ve been wandering lost and aimless with our Natural Children out of town, but good news for us is that they’ll be back next week — gracing the Springwater yet again with Liquor Store. This time though, they may have a new treat for us. Our buddy over at Almost Ready Records is releasing a split 7″ and it sounds like a hit. Liquor Store cover Natural Child’s “Crack Mountain” which you can listen to at the ARR myspace. It’s like the Thin Lizzy version or something. We’re not sure which Liquor Store song the Natty boys cover, but we’re sure they blew the top off. Welcome them home next week!

Friday August 26
:: Natural Child
:::: Liquor Store
:::::: TBA
@ The Springwater
$5 – 21+ – 9PM

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