Photo by Bekah Cope

JEFF 4 EVER. We can say it as many times as we want to over here because, well, you know, we make the rules over here. JEFF 4ever JEFF 4ever JEFF 4ever JEFF 4ever JEFF 4ever JEFF 4ever. They’re gracing Exit/In this Wednesday night with Pentagram before heading out with them on a little tour. It’s the only time you’ll be able to catch them until this year’s SoundLand Festival, so we really think you oughtta go. And to get you ready for it, maybe you should check out JEFF’s new video for “Wastoid Girl” after the click. There are boobs in it [male and female] just a heads up. According to the boys’ tweeter, they were busy shooting another video this weekend. Hopefully we’ll get the news on that one for you as soon as we have the “go ahead.”

JEFF 4ever.

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