Photo by Bekah Cope

What makes for better summertime pool-hanging roof-partying music than The Ramones? Nothing. The Beets know this. They recently guest DJed an hour over at The Indie-Verse and chose to play nothing but Ramones jams and it’s soundtracking our day today. You can check it out here. They make sure to hit just about all the bases with their selections and their reasonings for their choices are pretty thorough. Juan and Jose and Chie just got done with a nice tour with Brilliant Colors and are back in Queens working up their third record which should be out later this year from Captured Tracks. If you still don’t have Stay Home, you can go ahead and snag that now. Los Beets Los Ramones Los Summer forever.

The Beets – Nothing But The Ramones [on Indie-Verse Radio]

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