Photo by Bekah Cope

We noticed today that we’re coming up on the 2-year mark of Glenn Danzig’s start and it got us thinking about those first few shows. You know, before there was a stage and before they had their own PA and stuff. The second show to go down at Glenn Danzig’s House was a pre-GonerFest show with Ty Segall, The Mantles, Woven Bones, Yussuf Jerusalem, Heavy Cream, and Turbo Fruits. That’s pretty fucking sick. After thinking about that we thought, “What’s old Yussuf been up to?”  And so with a little internet cruising we found that the French bad boy has a new LP coming soon from our favorites down at Florida’s Dying. The new record, Blast From the Past, sounds to be about as sick as the first one, but maybe matured a little. I mean, you can check out a couple tracks from it right here and listen to one via YouTubes below. The record should see release in 3 weeks or so, but just keep your eye on the new Florida’s Dying site to see when it pops up.

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