You know it’s a rough week when a Magic Kid gets arrested. Bennet Foster, pictured above — the floppy one in the middle of the bottom row, was picked up when he and the others pictured [and a lot more on top of that] gathered to protest the decision to cut teachers’ wages in the Memphis area. And, by the looks of things, they were protesting pretttty peacefully. You can watch the most of it right here. Bennet and the 6 others arrested have since been freed, but their legal defense fees are steadily rising as they await their impending court date. If there’s one thing we can get behind – it’s rock and roll. If there’s another thing we can get behind – it’s rock and rollers with balls enough to stand up for what they believe in. You can donate money to help Bennet and the others cover their fees if you want at this link. On a lighter Magic Kids note, they recently stopped by WEVL Memphis to do their own radio show. Check it out down there.

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