Photo by Bekah Cope

Speaking of tours, our favorite doo doo boys are back in town! After a little while on the road going up and down the East Coast, Diarrhea Planet are back in Nashy and have some pretty meaty stuff on the table. A new 7″ is slated for release via Infinity Cat relatively soon and we’ve got the first little taste of it right down there. It’s a video of some tour footage backed by a new track of the upcoming single called “Yamanba” [For those who aren’t up to snuff on their Japanese folk culture, Yamanba were believed to be female demons who would seduce men and lure them out of the village and then eat them. But it was really just the people practicing cannibalism because of famines and creating a demon to blame it on. Heh] No release date just yet for the new single, but you know we’ll keep you posted. Welcome the boys back to town this Friday night at The End alongside The Spits, TV Ghost, Hans Condor, and Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders. Fuck yeah. Click down there to see the sick flyer…


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