Mom and Pop asked us where we wanted to go for Summer vacation this year and you know there’s no place we’d rather go than the number 1 rock and roller vacation destination: Philadelphia Beach. Philly Beach also happens to be the hometown of some of our long-distance brothers, Dry Feet. They’ve been playing in and around the Philly area for a little over a year now with the likes of JEFF, Natural Child, Heavy Cream, King Tuff, Hunx, and a bunch of others. Not bad company, right? Right. They just put together this new video for a single released recently on Evil Weevil [which you can snag right here] When you’re watching it you might think, “Hey, that long-haired dude looks familiar.” Well, that’s Perry Shall. You may know him from such works as: Infinity Cat house artist [done works for JEFF, Heavy Cream, Diarrhea Planet, and Natural Child] Screaming Females aficionado, or maybe the ultimate t-shirt collector. Anyways, grab the single – grab a throwback Mountain Dew – get ready for the gnar.

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