Quintron & his Drum Buddy

Well, remember when we announced that Quintron was coming to town and then like two days later we got the unfortunate news that they’d be canceling their whole tour? Let’s just go ahead and disregard that. Quintron and Miss P decided that they could make it to a few of the scheduled shows and Nashville is lucky enough to be one of those. They’ll be playing at The End on Sunday [we’re pretty sure even the Bonnaroo-ers would be able to make it if you don’t care about seeing Widespread Panic. And, let’s be honest, who the fuck cares about Widespread Panic?] Something else you might want to jump on is one of Quintron’s Drum Buddys. One just went up on eBay a little bit ago and is ending in just two days. You could snag it and bring it to the show. If you’re not familiar with the Drum Buddy — please familiarize yourself.

Sunday June 12
:: Quintron & Miss Pussycat
:::: CAVE
:::::: Turbo Fruits
:::::::: Bows & Arrows
@ The End
$5 – 18+ – 9PM

Quintron-Face Down In The Gutter by Goner Records

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