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Our buddy boy and sometime-contributor Seth Sutton [also known as Useless Eaters] has a brand new LP out today on Tic Tac Totally called Daily Commute. Seems like just yesterday we were scooping up the Cheap Talk singles compilation from TTT, but now Seth is hitting us with his first real full-length effort. After having a million singles come out  on labels like Goodbye Boozy, Shattered, Nashville’s Dead, Goner, UFO Dictator, and others over the last while, Seth has found some ground and put together one of the most solid records we’ve heard this year. Anyone who has kept up with Seth or the band in the last few years could tell you that Useless Eaters have been through a lot. I mean, two moves, four lineup changes, and the loss of a good friend are enough to put an end to just about any band. But we can only imagine that it’s a different case for Useless Eaters. It’s like quitting was never an option because Seth might be of that rare breed of musician who can’t help but do what he does or that he doesn’t have anything else that he could do. There are a lot of other people that would look at that and call it “desperation” — and they’d be pretty spot-on. We really don’t know how there got to be such negative connotations associated with that, but when you look at things you realize that sometimes the best music comes from the most desperate. And sometimes they can make you realize how desperate you were when you thought you weren’t at all. So thanks for that, Seth. We needed a Daily Commute and now we’ve got it. Enough sentimentals, check out a track and a promo video for the new record below…

Useless Eaters – Daily Commute [mp3]

Do yourself a favor and order Daily Commute here. You can catch Useless Eaters at The Springwater this Saturday [May 28] celebrating the release of the new LP alongside Denmark’s Cola Freaks, Sex Cult, and Feral Beat.


1. Daily Commute
2. Vile Nation Pt. II
3.  How U Doing
4. New World Order
5. Neon Light
6. Fake Fashion Loud Music
7. Take Advantage of Me
8. Drug Store
9. I Get I Get
10. Space City
11. My State of Mind

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