Not gonna lie, we’ve been looking for an excuse to post that video down there for a long time. Buddy-boy Jonathan Toubin is gonna be in town tonight doing his Soul Clap dance competition over at the FooBar. As is the case with these things, there will be a panel of judges who will pick and choose the best dancers until it’s widdled down to one winner who will then receive a $100 cash prize. Losers get nothing. Well, you get to dance for free to sick jams all night and probably party like it’s not a Tuesday night when it really is. We’ll be on the judging panel so feel free to send us bribes or make deals. We’re more than willing to bend the rules for you. Please direct your attention to the video below to see the kind of dancing we’re expecting to see from you, and click below for the flyer…

Tuesday May 17
:: DJ Jonathan Toubin’s Soul Clap Dance-Off
@ FooBar
$FREE – 21+ – 10PM

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2 responses to “NASHVILLE NIGHT TRAIN”

  1. Lil' Bill says:

    F my age. I would have undoubtedly taken home the prize.

  2. D. Watusi says:

    damn right you would have.

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