Puberty, everyone goes through it. We remember getting hair in our underarms and growing gnarly mustaches and feeling weird downstairs. But now there is a new Puberty on the block that we like much more. Lars Finberg and Susanna Welbourne of The Intelligence started up their own little side-project earlier this year and it makes for another band to add to our “fun to Google” list. The two had a single come out a while ago from Telephone Explosion [you know, the guys that brought you that Our Boy Roy comp and stuff from Moonhearts, Demon’s Claws, Gardens, blah blah blah] And it rules. It’s groovy almost Kraut-poppy jams. Check out “Invitations” below. We think we’re much more on board with this Puberty. Scoop it.

Puberty – Invitations by telephoneexplosion

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