Every once in a while, the boys at Glenn Danzig’s House like to party down for free. You know. You can do what you want you can take care of yourself and you wanna get down and boogie. It’s pretty simple. We’re having a party this Wednesday [May 4] to celebrate the release of Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders’ new single [check it out here] and because a few of our out-of-town buddies are going to be in town checking out why so many people are talking about Nashville. You might recognize them when you see them. We know that the show is falling right around finals time for most of the college kiddos, but do yourselves a favor and take a break to come rock and roll. Your professors would advise the same.

Wednesday May 4
:: Natural Child
:::: Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders
:::::: Big Surr
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$FREE – All Ages – 8PM

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  1. Seth says:

    They wanted me to tell everyone that there will be free Svedka Vodka, Bud Light Lime, and grape flavored Drank so ya’ll can all slo’ yo’ roll after the party. Apparently there’ll be tons of other give-aways from Nike and Guess Jeans, too so everybody try to make it out and wear yur best duddies cause dis onez gon’ be on TV. NC in da haaaaaaaaaaauuuuus!

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