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For Episode 6 of DEAD AIR, we got our good buddy Walker Mimms from The Paperhead to put together a little something for you. There have been some pretty great Dead Airs so far, but this one might be our favorite to-date. And it’s definitely from one of our favorite people. We’ve been buddies with Walker for a few years now and we feel safe saying that he may be the nicest person in Nashville. And not just like “Oh he always says ‘please’ and ‘thank you'” kind of nice. I mean, he does that, but also more like the “Since I’m in France, I’ll grab this Les Olivensteins record for you and ship it to you.” That’s nice. Just ask anyone around town that knows Walker. Since he left Nashville last Summer to pursue his academic career, we haven’t seen much of him or of The Paperhead. But that should all change come this June. We did get to hang out in Austin this year at SXSW and take part in one of our most favorite past times: going nuts at a JEFF show. Really can’t say enough about the guy. The Paperhead just had their first LP come out a little over a month ago and it’s one of our favorite records we’ve heard this year. You should pick it up if you haven’t all ready. We also put a single out for them in January that’s still available [not for much longer though, just peeked through and it looks like we’ve only got about 40 left] Word on the street is that they’ll have more records and stuff out soonly, but who knows. Anyways, we’re stoked to bring you Episode 6 of Dead Air from Walker Mimms. Check it out.


1. The Outsiders – Misfit
2. The Ugly Ducklings – Just In Case You Wonder
3. Q65 – I Got Nightmares
4. The Pink Floyd – Lucifer Sam
5. The Remains – Heart
6. The Standells – Medication
7. Forever Amber – The Dreamer Flies Back
8. The Human Beinz – If You Don’t Mind, Mrs. Applebee
9. The Seeds – Out Of The Question
10. SRC – Daystar
11. The Pretty Things – She Says Good Morning
12. The Druids of Stonehenge – Speed
13. The Kinks – You Can’t Win
14. Sapphire Thinkers – From Within

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2 responses to “DEAD AIR – EPISODE 6”

  1. dinty moore says:

    The kinks have it down in my opinion.

  2. Laura Skaggs says:

    killer mix! i love love love that outsiders song. So glad they reissued the album CQ, it’s dang good. Also, nice Q65 cut.

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