Photo by Bekah Cope

If you missed out last week on Natural Child’s release show for 1971, you missed out on a pretty awesome time. A swarm of people crowded out in a field around a bonfire eating foods and drinking drinks and smoking smokes and watching Natural Child play. Sounds pretty sick, right? Right. Our fave babe, Bekah Cope, went and shot this video of the bad boys playing a new track at the show that’s not on 1971 but it’s a pretty accurate representation of where things are headed for them [You know, onward and upwards of even more rock and roll] They’ve got a couple shows coming up in the next few weeks [this Friday in Murfreesboro, next Tuesday at a free show at Danzig’s, and a house show next weekend] So be sure to catch them if you couldn’t make it out this last week. And grab the record from Infinity Cat here.

Natural Child – Faces of Death Blues from NASHVILLE’S DEAD on Vimeo.

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  1. Seth says:

    Looking at a scrap of paper that i don’t remember scribbling on, here is the unordered, tentative tracklist from our next record:

    faces of death blues
    not gon’ work no more blues
    she got a mind
    paradise heights
    roll another number (yeah, right)
    bad bitch
    mother nature’s daughter

    now does anyone know any of those songs? i’m not even sure what some of them are.

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