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We are Natural Children forever. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Natural Child’s debut full length LP, 1971, is available today courtesy of Infinity Cat. The boys have been together for almost two years now, and in those short two years they’ve become one of our favorite bands. We’ve gone on a few tours with them, watched them write and record songs, seen them blow just about every band they’ve played with out of the water, put out killer releases [S/T 7″, Bodyswitchers, White Man’s Burden 7″]… it’s pretty obvious to see that Natural Child are more than just a band to us. And it’s hard for us to not just come across as total fanboys when we talk about them. Not that we’re embarrassed to say we’re fanboys, but you know. That’s why it’s so tough to write a “review” for 1971

It’d almost be easier for us to just write about the first time we saw each song played live. Like the first time we saw them play “Let It Bleed” at Mercy Lounge back last May and how we watched all the girls’ eyes get dreamy. Or maybe it’d be easier for us to talk about the importance of “Easy Street” and what that song means to Nashville and how a lot of their shows end with that song for a reason. It’s about getting famous. Or about how we heard the finished version of “The Jungle” for the first time and could make out the voice of our buddy DD666 on the track. We know that song’s not on 1971, but whatever. There’s just always an instillment of rock and roll in our heads after seeing Natural Child. Be it “Stones-y” or “stoner” or whatever, it’s still the raw rock and roll that you can’t find anywhere else right now. And in that same vein, 1971 is like a real album. It’s not a bunch of songs thrown together or a bunch of singles collected onto one LP, it’s a record that’s meant to be heard in it’s entirety and taken in as a whole.

We could be wrong, but we really don’t think so. Natural Children ’til we die.

Natural Child’s first show at The Springwater

Today for the release, Natural Child will be playing a show at 8PM at Jamin’s house [you’ll have to call or ask around for details, sorry] and records will be available. If you can’t make it out, you can order the record direct from Infinity Cat here or probably at your local record store. They’ll also be doing an in-store this Saturday April 23 at Grimey’s at 4:20. Doo it.

Natural Child – Yer Birthday [mp3]

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3 responses to “APRIL TWENTIETH 1971”

  1. Jason says:

    Fuck yea guys, just caught them in NYC, didn’t know anything about them…. completely amazing. ND put out a single! My vote is the crack smoking with my friends song.

  2. dd666 says:

    Finally, an american rock ‘n’ roll record that ‘aint drowned in reverb!

    Also, I really think bands should do more singles that feature people from other bands, like in rap music.



  3. fan girl says:

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m hungover or not, but that review almost made me cry.

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