We’ve been working hard to make an in-depth post about Record Store Day this year with a list of some of our most anticipated RSD releases along with what’s going on around town. We feel safe saying that this year’s RSD is going to blow past RSDs outta the water. For real. And after looking at things on a national-level, we also feel pretty safe saying that Nashville is definitely the city with the most going on. We’d like to go ahead and say that whether you go to The Groove, Grimey’s, Third Man or anywhere else partaking in RSD activities — be sure to tell everyone working how much you appreciate them doing what they do. Record Store Day might only happen once a year, but these guys are out there year-round making sure you get your vinyl fix. Now, on to the rundown of releases/festivities/shows…


Record Store Day has kind of turned from a celebration of vinyl records to being the time to blow tons of money on limited edition copies of records and singles. That being said, there are a ton of releases we’re stoked for [some official – some not, some local – some not] Here we go…

The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar b/w Bitch and Let It Rock 7″ [UMe]
The artwork alone makes this single pretty worth it. It features an extra track from the Sticky Fingers sessions that’s only been on a few more obscure Stones hits packages. There aren’t any nerd specs that we could find for this one, but we’re sure it’s pretty limited like most other RSD releases

Puffy Areolas and Purling Hiss – split 12″ [Permanent]
This one has us really pretty stoked. Puffys and Purling Hiss have been killing it all over the place and putting out sick records [In The Army now was one of our favorites last year] and the guys at Permanent thought it would be a good idea to put the two together on one 12″. We couldn’t agree more. Puffy’s side is an 8-minute doomy noise jam called “My Hell” and Purling Hiss’s side features a 9-minute psych jam called “Walking Down the Street”. The record’s limited to 750 copies and plays at 45rpm for maximum volume. 200 on white vinyl sold only at the Permanent store in Chicago. Gotta love the deep grooves.

Big Star – Third (Test Press Edition) [Omnivore]
Big Star’s classic jam being reissued in a limited “test press edition”. We think this one’s limited to about 1500. There’s not a whole lot to say about it. I mean, you all know the record or probably have the record all ready or something. But! Here’s where they hook you. There will be 1 actual test press in every 300 records. Talk about some holy grail type shit.

The 13th Floor Elevators – Wait For My Love b/w May The Circle Remain Unbroken [Snapper Music]
This is the release of the long lost 6th single from 13th Floor Elevators. It was originally supposed to come out in 1968, but it’s not seeing official release until now on a green vinyl 7″. The tracks were also remastered by Pete Kember of Spacemen3. No nerd specs number-wise, but you’ll wanna add this one to your collection for sure.

The Velvet Underground – Foggy Notion b/w Can’t Stand It [Sundazed]
Freddie King – Wash Out b/w Butterscotch [Sundazed]
International Submarine Band – Safe at Home [Sundazed]
The Yardbirds – Goodnight Sweet Josephine b/w Think About It [Sundazed]
Figured it’d be easiest to lump all the Sundazed RSD releases into one nice pile. They’re all “limited edition” and the Safe at Home LP is also the mono edition. Pretty sick. Like most things Sundazed, you can expect all the release to be quality. And even check out the site to hear some of the tracks. Bob and the Sundazed guys will be in town DJing all over, so be sure to say hey or ask them what they’re playing.

Ty Segall – Ty Rex EP [Goner]
We’ve all ready talked about this one a bit ago, but it definitely deserves a second mention. We’re not sure how many these are limited to, but we do know that there are a very limited amount on clear vinyl that will only be available from Goner Records. If you’ve got good buddies in Memphis, we’d say now is the time to call in a favor. The 12″ features six T Rex covers and we can only imagine they sound sick. A preview from the EP is right here. Check it out. Be sure to snag one if you can find one. Here’s the cover.

The White Stripes – Lafayette Blues b/w Sugar Never Tasted So Good [Third Man]
The White Stripes – Let’s Shake Hands b/w Look Me Over Closely [Third Man]
Karen Elson – Vicious b/w In Trouble With the Lord [Third Man]
Rome – Two Against One b/w Black [Third Man]
We know you’ve all probably heard plenty about the batch of release that Third Man put together this year, and if you haven’t then we’d like to go ahead and direct your attention to this video. All the singles are limited edition [whether it be in colors or flower petals] We’ve heard Karen Elson’s rendition of Lou Reed’s “Vicious” a couple times now and we’re pretty big fans. The singles themselves have us pretty excited, but there’s some other stuff going on that day at Third Man that has us even more stoked. Duh.

Sacred Bones – Todo Muere Vol. 1 [Sacred Bones]
One of our favorite labels of the last while has put together a nice little compilation LP for Record Store Day. It features a bunch of Sacred Bones bands like Gary War, Zola Jesus, and Moon Duo and is mostly comprised of b-sides or demos. It’s limited to 900 copies and should fit in pretty nicely with the other 50-or-so Sacred Bones releases you’ve all ready got.

There are a ton more releases [you can check out the super lengthy list right here] Stuffs from Skip James, 13th Floor Elevators, Tom Petty, Ozzy, blah blah blah — get it.


We’re fortunate enough to have some pretty prominent record shops here in Nashville, and like we mentioned earlier – they’re here year round and always ready to help you get records and keep your table spinning. This year we’ll be partying hard at The Groove, Grimey’s New & Pre-Loved Records, and Third Man Records. Check out some of the daytime funs they’ve got planned…

623 7th Ave South
[Open at 11:30am :: Limited parking — we’d say bike if you can help it]

We all knew Third Man would have some sick stuff lined up for this year’s RSD, but we really don’t think people were ready for them to drop the bomb that they did. Aside from the 4 limited edition singles we talked about earlier, they’ll be open early selling records in the shop and in their Rolling Record Store. They won’t be selling any of the other RSD exclusives that we talked about earlier, but that’s no reason to not swing by. Later on in the afternoon they’ll have a little live music courtesy of Jerry Lee Lewis [seriously] with Steve Cropper on guitar [yep] Jim Keltner on drums [wait for it] And Jack Lawrence on bass [there you go] Tickets for that have been sold out since they went on sale, so you might have a little trouble seeing what will probably be one of the sickest shows going on this year. The good thing is – even if you don’t go – you’ll still have the opportunity to buy a black/blue Jerry Lee Lewis record just by showing up at the shop that day. We’ll also be spinning records over there, so come boogie.

:: Jerry Lee Lewis [feat. Steve Cropper, Jim Keltner, and Jack Lawrence]

1103 Calvin Ave
[Open at 10am :: Should be ample parking on the street and surrounding streets]

If you still haven’t taken the time to go visit the new Groove location, we can’t think of a better time to stop by. They’ll be offering lots of the aforementioned RSD releases and will have everything marked on sale for 15% off [excluding RSD exclusives] And they’ll have lots of discounted vinyl and CDs available outside all day long. They’ve also teamed with Mas Tacos and New Belgium Brewery to satisfy your food hungers and they’ll be doing giveaways throughout the day [a Numark turntable, autographed stuff, things you want] Oh and there will be live music and DJ sets by the boys of Sundazed, the boy and girl of Microfiche Records, and us! Gonna be sick. Check out the lineup below…

:: Hacienda
:::: The Coolin’ System
:::::: Magic In Threes
:::::::: Bad Cop
:::::::::: Evan P Donohue
:::::::::::: Faux Ferocious
:::::::::::::: The Shakes
:::::::::::::::: Nite Nite
:::::::::::::::::: Mom & Dad
:::::::::::::::::::: Chris Crofton [also emceeing]

1604 8th Ave South
[Open at 10am :: Parking is limited — we’d say bike it if you can. Parking on adjoining streets is good, too]

Grimey’s are a pro at Record Store Day and are vetarans of the record sale at this point. They’ll have a whole slew of RSD exclusive releases [one per customer, mind you] available along with their usual tables-and-tables of $1 LPs and $2 CDs. Can’t beat that. They’ve got Yazoo on board and barbecue from the URP guys [Yeah. Cooking vinyl cooking barbecue] Grimey’s is also gonna be buddying up with the Nashville Film Festival to show 3 flicks in The Basement [Broke, Heavy Metal Picnic, and Better Than Something: Jay Reatard] as well as having a whole ton of bands and DJs [including us again! three DJ seshes in one day. So craycray] Check out the lineup below…

:: The Mattoid [7:15]
:::: DJ D Funk [7:00]
:::::: Jason Isbell & The 400 Unity [6:30]
:::::::: DJ Heather Lose and the Honky Tonk Jukebox [6:00]
:::::::::: The Gabe Dixon Band [5:30]
:::::::::::: Ben Hall [5:00]
:::::::::::::: DJ Brother Dylan [4:30]
:::::::::::::::: Hunx & His Punx [4:00]
:::::::::::::::::: DJ NASHVILLE’S DEAD [3:30]
:::::::::::::::::::: Carnivores [3:00]
:::::::::::::::::::::: DJ Pete Wilson of Nashville Jumps [2:30]
:::::::::::::::::::::::: Deadstring Brothers [2:00]
:::::::::::::::::::::::::: DJ Record Wranglers [1:30]
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The Great Book of John [1:00]
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: DJ Bob Irwin [12:30]
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: April Smith and The Great Picture Show [12:00]
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: DJ djb [11:30]


Aside from the day-shows that’ll be going on from the time you get up til the time you run out of money, there are a couple shows going on that night that are more than worth your time. We know where we’ll be [JEFF the Brotherhood 4ever] but there’s no reason why anybody should stick it out at home on such a big night. We even got a post-Record Store Day party lined up at Danzig’s with some sick out of town bands. Check it out…

Saturday April 16
:: JEFF the Brotherhood
:::: Hunx and His Punx
:::::: Shannon & The Clams
:::::::: Heavy Cream
@ The End
$7 – 18+ – 9PM

This is JEFF’s first show in Nashy since they went out and conquered the world. For real, have you been keeping up on them lately? They’ve been killing it all over the nation since SXSW and are taking their show to Moscow a little later this month for a VICE party. As far as we know, they’re sold out of tour copies of We Are The Champions, but we could be wrong. They’ll be playing with Hunx and His Punx who’s record just came out a couple weeks ago on Hardly Art, Shannon & The Clams who also have a new record out, and our favorite creme babes. The show will run you $7, we know that’s a little more than usual, but this show’s pretty outrageous. See you there!

Saturday April 16
:: The Greenhornes
:::: Hacienda
:::::: PUJOL
@ Mercy Lounge
$12 – 18+ – 9PM

We’ll be super bummed that we’re missing out on this show. Lucky for us, PUJOL will be playing earlier that day at Rocketown and Hacienda at The Groove and we’ll get to see our buddy Jack Lawrence slap the bass with Jerry Lee in the afternoon. Like most of you have probably all ready heard, this will be the last PUJOL show with the current lineup. A couple of the boys have decided to shell off and start their own new project [we’ll talk about that later] Mr. Daniel Pujol has a lot planned for the near future though, so don’t fret much.

Sunday April 17
:: Personal & The Pizzas
:::: Useless Eaters
:::::: White Mystery
:::::::: Barreracudas
:::::::::: Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$5 – All Ages – 7PM

Consider this your post-RSD party. We’ll be hanging out all day Sunday jamming on whatever new records we scoop, and then our buddies from all over will be rolling through to get down and get their kicks that night. Personal & The Pizzas are touring with Barreracudas for a minute and we got them to finally come to town. Our sis-bro-duo White Mystery are tagging along too for this one. It’s gonna be sick. And it’s cheap.

Now that we’ve rattled on for long enough, just remember to go buy records and support your local record shops.

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