It’s been a minute since we’ve been down to The Muse [Ok, maybe a little more than a minute] But now we couldn’t be more stoked to head back on over. Our buddies at Loud Love [remember when we guested on their show and did a DJ-sesh? Yep] setup a sick show over at The Muse to help WRVU in their efforts to keep themselves from being sucked-in. Living legend and back-to-Nashvillian R Stevie Moore is headlining the event and is well worth the $5 minimum donation alone. We’re not sure if he’ll be performing with a whole band, or if it’ll be just him — but either way… A buddy of ours has been hard at work on a new little R Stevie Moore project that we’ll be able to talk more about soonly. Also on the show are Diarrhea Planet, Evan P Donohue, Black Patch, Gnarwhal, and Flesh Vehicle [feat. members of SuperDrag and Agent Orange] Seriously, gonna be so sick. And — regardless of whether or not WRVU can be saved or whatever other rumors you may have heard circulating — college radio stations and community DJs are being done away with all over the country and it’s a crying shame. KUSF in San Francisco was just taken off the air and dozens of other colleges have lost their stations in the last few years. So even if WRVU is far from saving, come out and do your part to keep it alive. Because fuck having another Jack FM.

Sunday April 3. 2011
:: R. Stevie Moore
:::: Diarrhea Planet
:::::: Evan P Donohue
:::::::: Black Patch
:::::::::: Gnarhwal
:::::::::::: Flesh Vehicle
@ The Muse
$5 min. – All Ages – 7PM

R. Stevie Moore – I Love You Too Much to Bother You [mp3]

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  1. D. Watusi says:


  2. posttaste says:

    Word on the street is r Stevie is playing with a full band

  3. Set list for Save WRVU, The Muse, Sunday

    01. Mantra
    02. You And Me
    03. Everyone But Everyone
    04. Sort Of Way
    05. The Man With The Cigar
    06. I Like To Stay Home
    07. I’ve Begun To Fall In Love
    08. Goodbye Piano
    09. Play Myself Some Music
    10. You Don’t Have To Worry About My Love
    11. Carmen Is Coming

    RSM: Rickenbacker6, vox / Dan Burns: drums, vox / Adam Kiefer: Fender Jazzbass

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