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We’re still on a bit of an Atlanta kick after that new Predator LP, so lucky for us there’s a new GG King record on it’s way a little later this Spring from Rob’s House and Scavenger of Death [GG’s own label that just put out that killer Ralph single – we’ll talk about them more later] GG had a couple singles come out in the last year or so that are both definitely worth seeking out [the Drug Zoo single on Rob’s House and the Adult Rock single on Douchemaster] If we’re to base our expectations off what could follow those, then we’d say we’re in for a Zero Boys meets The Kids meets a little Carbonas leftovers kind of record. Which sounds fucking sick. And the artwork up there reminds us of another Rob’s House release. It’s slated for release this May, so keep your eyes peeled.

GG King – In The Terminal [mp3]

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