One of the bands we caught down in Austin that we hadn’t seen before but had listened to plenty was White Wires. They definitely outdid our expectations [Not saying that in a like “We weren’t expecting it to be good” kind of way, more just like a “Man, I was expecting that to rule, but it fucking kicked ass” kind of way] Their latest record, WWII, came out a little bit ago on Dirtnap and they just put out a video for one of the tracks off it. It’s that one up there. Don’t be deceived though, it might look like they’re partying on the beach in the sand, but that’s really just snow. Canada can be cold. In related news, we finally got to hang for a minute with our fave-babe Peach Kelli Pop. She’s a total sweetheart. And, if you didn’t all ready know, her debut LP [originally released on Going Gaga] is being repressed by Infinity Cat. Get stoked!


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