Compiled by: William Tyler

Time for Round 5 of Dead Air. This time it’s coming to you courtesy of Nashville’s favorite son, William Tyler. William just had his solo debut album come out this past winter and we’re in love with it. We’re sure you’ve all read enough about it and have seen videos of him playing and everything else, but we really can’t stress enough how much you ought to own this record. Just as a little background check for some of you, William is one of our favorite people in Nashville. He runs the Sebastian Speaks label [home to such releases as Deluxin’s Black & White LP, Forrest Bride’s debut LP, and a killer Vernon Wray LP] and he plays in every band ever. He’s played with the likes of Silver Jews, Lambchop, Tim Chad & Sherry, Paper Hats, Sigmund’s Mind Music, I remember seeing him play with Festival or Cake Bake Betty one time, and a million other bands. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s really no exaggeration to say that Nashville would not be what it is if it weren’t for Mr. Tyler. And that’s why we feel so honored to have him put together a Dead Air for us. It’s called Other Tongues and features some of William’s favorite non-English tracks. It rules. Check out the tracklist below…


1. Ceterine Caselli – Tutto Nero [Italian]
2. Rd Burman – Dum Maro Dum [India]
3. Mogollar – Seytan Buun Nerisede [Turkish]
4. Haizea – Urzo Aphal Bat [Basque]
5. Sunday Manoa – Nah Moku Ela [Hawaii]
6. Modulo 1000 – Nao Fale Come Paredes [Portugese]
7. Novicat de Soeurs Missionaires de Notre Dame d’Afrique – Yesu Ka Mkwebze [?]
8. Catherine Riberio and Alpes – Jusqu’a Ce Que La Force De T’aimer Me Manque [French/Swiss]
9. Lili Ivanova – The Night Before [Bulgarian]
10. Charles Cohan – Levine Mit Zayn Flying Machine [Yiddish]
11. Cleoma Breaux and Joseph Falcon – Prends Done Courage [Cajun]
12. Sin Sisamouth – Ha La Ha La [Cambodia]
13. The Tahitian Choir – Himene Tatou [Tahitian]
14. Anonymous – ? [Cambodian]
15. Cem Karaca – Namus Belasi [Turkish]
16. Ame Son – Je Veux Juste Dire [French]
17. Lydia Mendoza – Amor Bonito [Spanish]
18. Francoise Hardy – Que Peut Dire [French]

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