Photo by Bekah Cope

We are hanging out here doing our pop-up thing at Local Honey but we wanted to take a sec to get Freaky Deeky again real quick. Our favorite Bogus Bros came by Glenn Danzig’s for a minute to do a little number for you that most of you have probably not ever heard. It’s a song off their 2006 Jamaica cassette called “Chameleon Dreamer”  [there were only 100 copies of the cassette, so good luck finding it now] They’ll be headlining the first show tomorrow night at Exit/In alongside Jacuzzi Boys, Cy Barkley, and Diarrhea Planet. It’ll be something like that video down there, except a million times louder with bodies flying everywhere and sweaty and so gnarly and drums and guitar with only three strings and “holy shit how do they do that?!” and IT’S THE FREAKIN WEEKEND

JEFF the Brotherhood – Chameleon Dreamer from NASHVILLE’S DEAD on Vimeo.

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  1. HODAN says:

    ahahahahaha yessssssss!!!!

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