Photo by Bekah Cope

It’s been a while. It’s been a hot minute. We miss our Bogus Bros something terrible. They’ve been making some pretty big waves over across the pond [we hate when people say “across the pond” in reference to being in the UK, but why do we always do it?] Their split with Best Coast that just came out on Volcom Records [we think you can still maybe snag a few copies from the ICat store online, but might wanna get on it quick as we’re sure they’ll be all gone soon] And now they’ve made JEFF’s track, “Bummer”, available for stream. It gives a good indication of what the new record, We Are The Champions, is gonna sound like. Get stoked. The boys are back before the end of the month and we’ve got some more news concerning them that we’ll drop on you later. Until then….

Jeff the Brotherhood – Bummer by VolcomEnt

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