Photo by Emily Quirk

We know you’ve all been patiently waiting for the word to go and pick up your copies of the LIVE records from JEFF the Brotherhood and Jacuzzi Boys, and today is the day you can finally do it! If you paid for a copy of either record after the shows back in October, you can bring your receipt down there and pick up your split-colored black and blue vinyl LP from Third Man. We’ve listened to both of them a lot over the last few weeks and gotta say that, even if you didn’t pay for a copy that night, it’s necessary for you to go get a regular copy soon. It’s the closest anyone’s come to being able to capture what a JEFF show in Nashville is all about [the Battletapes DEAD AIR sesh does a pretty sick job too]

Doo it!

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  1. mamapopowitz says:

    hey! i want onneee

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