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If you went out to last week’s Rock the Block then you might’ve caught a secret unannounced Hollywood set over at The End. If you didn’t catch it, don’t be bummed — just fix it by seeing them this weekend at their official reunion show. We all remember Hollywood’s last show, and we feel pretty safe saying that this one should be pretty rowdy as well. That being said, we strongly urge everyone to be careful [a buddy of ours ended up in a neck brace and on some pretty heavy medication as a result of last week’s secret set] But — with that being said — let’s party.

Saturday December 18
:: Love Is Red
:::: Hollywood
:::::: Bracewar
:::::::: Traitor
:::::::::: Ill Patriot
:::::::::::: Modern Hell
@ Rocketown
$TBA – All Ages – 6PM

Keep Art Dead from Josh Shearon on Vimeo.

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  2. Sean Landis says:

    Your buddy is a total bitch.

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