Cheveu in Israel

Les incompetent… Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soire… we don’t know much French, but we get down on some French music pretty regularly. One of the best French bands going right now, Cheveu, have a new album dropping at the end of the month sometime courtesy of Born Bad Records [same label that put out their killer Like A Deer in The Headlight 7″ earlier this year… might be able to scoop one from SSR if you don’t want to pay international prices] We haven’t had a chance to listen to anything off the new record, but we feel pretty safe saying that we think it’ll be ace. I mean, most everything these guys have done is solid — so why should we believe otherwise? Obviously we will judge for ourselves when the record comes out, but we have faith. Feels good man… Hard to say no to French garage rock and roll that makuh you afeel dirty. Was that a French accent?

Pick up some of their records here.

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