We’ve been on a total girl-band binge lately. I mean, just look at some of the posts we’ve made over the last couple weeks [Midnite Snaxxx, Shannon & The Clams, Kelli Peach, blah blah blah] Can’t really pinpoint why we’re so hooked on it right now, but we’re not gonna complain either. Snakehole is a brand new band hanging down in the Miami heat featuring three total bebes. What’s better than mamis rocking and rolling? NOTHING! Seriously, sometimes people ask us “Nashville’s Dead, what would your perfect girl be like?” and we say “We like the strong bettys that got mind of their own and rock and roll in their hearts.” Snakehole seems to fit that pretty well. Check out some tunes on their Facebook page or their myspace, and if you’re in the Flahdah area — catch them at Zitfest in mid-December [along with a ton of other sick bands… check out the lineup below]


Nerve City
Russian Tsarlag
Partial People
Diet Cokeheads
Cop City/Chill Pillars
Band in Heaven
Lil Daggers
Jacuzzi Boys
Little Beard
The Jameses
Guy Harvey
The Dewars

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  1. D. Watusi says:

    what a bunch of babes

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