We are Natural Children until we die. The boys left earlier today for their first West Coast tour and we’re gonna miss them real bad until they come back home around Thanksgiving [click below to get a list of their tour dates] We don’t like getting all personal and sentimental on here, but this band really holds a special significantly sized portion of our heart. We could go more into it — but this is the internets and the last thing anyone needs more of is people trying to make someone actually feel something through the blag-a-blag. KnowwhatImean? As a special treat — we have this brand new Natural Child song for you [it even features a certain DD666 — uh huh] Look for it to come out soon on their VICE/Scion 7″ split with The Strange Boys.

Natural Child – The Jungle [mp3]

Come home soon, boys. One luv. This song saved our spirits last night and that is the honest truth.

Photo by Bekah Cope

Making lots of money give it to the children we’re gonna build ourselves a little village dirts roads runnin up to the village living in the jungle still —– in the village people say i’m stupid people say i’m dumb but i gotta lotta money and i’m havin so much fun went to new dheli couldn’t find a sandwich saw a maitre d but he couldnt speak no english makin lots of trouble living in the jungle try to find a car but you cant drive in the jungle villagers dying children are the future CANT GET SAD WE GOTTA KEEP ON MOVIN michael j fox and back to the future never wanna die and never wanna leave here ten times ten is a hundred new time is excuse me sir do you know what the time is living in the jungle speaking lots of spanish sleeping in a hammock living in a boxcar wanna cross the country but i dont wanna go far dont wanna go too far from the boxcar gotta nice hammock and i haven’t made it often living in a boxcar laid up in the jungle thought i was a god but now i’m feelin humble making lots of money give it to the children making lots of children now we’ve got a village

11.06.10 Sat Laredo, Texas. Old No. 2
11.10.10 Wed San Francisco, California. Rickshaw Stop
11.11.10 Thu San Diego, California. Soda Bar
11.12.10 Fri Los Angeles, California. Spaceland
11.17.10 Wed Austin, Texas. Beerland
11.18.10 Thu Beaumont, Texas. Star Bar
11.19.10 Fri New Orleans, Louisiana. Siberia
11.20.10 Sat Birmingham , Alabama. Magic City Wholesale
12.11.10 Sat Nashville, Tennessee. Glenn Danzig’s House w/ Ex Humans
12.31.10 Fri Nashville, Tennessee. The End

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