If you know us, you know we love peach things [Peach Nehi, peach rings, real peaches, blah blah blah] But one of our latest peach-infused loves is Peach Kelli Pop. Peach [real name: Allie Hanlon – who you might recognize from White Wires] just put out her first full length record on Going Gaga and it’s so sugary it’ll make you wanna vomit. Seriously, girl is the epitome of “short and sweet”. Something we thought was pretty sick was that Peach actually played all the tracks on the record and mixed it all herself — she must have sugarcoated guts of gold. It doesn’t look like any sort of tour or anything is mapped out in the near future, but that’s OK with us. We’d rather her wait til summertime when she can come party Nashy stylee in the sun. Head on over to her myspace for a listen, and snag the record here.

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