Halloween rules. Forillytho. We’ve been snacking on more candy than usual and partying hard and we’re only gonna keep it going this weekend [we listed some of the shows and partys going down after this — right down there] Other than candy and costumes and getting wild, one of our favorite things about Halloween is the jams. We don’t typically do things like this, but we figured it’d be OK to do just this once — we made a little Halloween sampler for the mamis and papis out looking to get their kicks this weekend. Some of the songs aren’t about Halloween, some don’t sound spooky, but they’re all jams indeed. Indead. You can snag it right here. And you can check the tracklist after the click, too. GETTIN’ SPOOKED!


One of the sicker shows going down this weekend is happening tonight at Little Hamilton with some of our favorite local rock and rollers. If you haven’t seen Modern Hell in a while, you should correct that by seeing them tonight. Feels like punks always way more on their game during Halloween, knowwhatimean?

:: Turbo Fruits
:::: The Cannomen
:::::: Vicious Cycle
:::::::: Brainwreck
:::::::::: ModernHell
@ Little Hamilton
$5 – All Ages – 8PM

Sometimes we hear about a Diarrhea Planet show and all we can think is, “What the fuck? They’re playing where? Wait… what??” Apparently the bebs were practicing at their usual spot when a neighbor asked them to play their Halloween party. That being said — they’ve probably invited a world of hurt [and fun] Go if you know…

:: Diarrhea Planet
:::: ??
@ The Kitty’s Neighbors
$TBA – All Ages – 11PM


We’re not gonna reveal too much info about this one but we will say that the bad boys are going all out. Elvira’s gonna host. Greenhornes and Black Belles. We’ll be on the ones and twos again slinging out some Halloween rock — but the only downside is that it’s 21+ [Sorry, kiddens. You gotta get your kicks somewhere though] You gotta wear a costume if you wanna come to this one — we’ve got ours ready.

:: The Greenhornes
:::: Black Belles
Hosted by Elvira
@ Third Man Records
$13 – 21+ – 9PM

In all seriousness, this party looks like it’s gonna be wild. We’ve seen a lot of the acts before, but chu know… that’s not what’s got us wet — fucking Ying Yang Twinz are gonna be there!! From the windoooow to the wall! Getting lost in a sea of teenyboppers wearing barely-there Halloween costumes is definitely not our thing — but we might have to get on that Ying Yang tip. Pretty penny though — YIKES

:: Ying Yang Twinz
:::: Luna Halo
:::::: Space Capone
:::::::: Majestico
@12th and PTown block party
$25 – 18+ – 9PM

We’re a little lacking on the details for this one, but word on the street is there’s supposed to be a Halloween bash over at our favorite warehouse. You never know what to expect


We’re just gonna hang at Las Americas and party Dia de Los Muertos stylee [Look, we know Dia de Los Muertos isn’t until November 2nd, but you cannot stop us from eating the best $4 burrito in Nashville on Halloween. You just can’t]

click below to check out some Halloween jams…

Get it here.

1. Heavy Cream – Hawkwound
2. Lil’ Wyte – Oxy Contin
3. Nightmare – Witch Woman
4. Los Saicos – Cementerio
5. Link Wray – The Shadow Knows
6. The Rattles – The Witch
7. Thee Shaggs – It’s Halloween
8. The Black Lips – Wild Man [Tamrons cover]
9. Larry & The Blue Notes – Night of the Sadist
10. Leonard Johnson – The Bug
11. The Uncalled 4 – Grind Her Up
12. 13th Chime – Dug Up
13. The Weeds – You Must Be a Witch
14. Dead Moon – Graveyard
15. The Sonics – The Witch
16. The Spits – Witch Hunt
17. Kim Fowley – Chinese Water Torture

Oh shit, no MISFITS or CRAMPS or RAMONES — we fucked up.

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  1. matt says:

    Las Americas? how do you go there and not get papusas???

  2. Matt,

    You know we get a papusa and some cheese deep. Got that on lock!

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