Photo by Alexa Sullivant

In case you didn’t know — Nashville just kicked CMJ’s ass for the second year in a row [for serious] I mean, we’re sure you’ve seen pics and press all over the place — but you might’ve missed this one that popped up earlier today — The bad boys of PUJOL hit up the WFMU studio and did a sick live sesh and a nice long interview too [really, it’s like the entire live set and then a nice 10 minute interview about Nashville and Telecasters and we love to hear the sound of Sean’s voice] If you wanna check it out, just go here and give it a listen. They’re back in town for a little bit but don’t have much slated Nashy-wise. We’re gonna try and change that. I swear one day there will be a finished recorded version of “Reverse Vampire BFF” and the world will change. Here’s a little sample of what they’re packing…

PUJOL – Endless Mike [stream WFMU]

Let’s take a hint, Nashville — turn WRVU into something worthwhile. We’ll take a show please? No? Ok. We just gonna start doing our own streams then.

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