Who doesn’t love jangly guitars? Or four Australian bad boys [we really tricked you with that photo up there] That’s what I thought. Royal Headache sound like they could be long lost brothers of Jersey’s Home Blitz — which, to us, is a good thing. They’ve been kicking around the outback for a little over a year now and have a couple releases under their belts [mostly contributions to various comps, but more recently a S/T 7″ on R.I.P. Society and a full length coming soon from the same label] We’re finally starting to pull our denims and leathers out — so blast this shit one last time for summer. The only place you can pick up the 7″ now is at the Goner Store — so get on it before they’re totally sold out. OK, Monopoly is back on at McDonald’s so we gonna go try and get rich [just got St. Charles Place and North Carolina Ave — anyone?] DIE TRYING

Royal Headache – Splash [mp3]

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