In case you’re unaware or haven’t heard yet — OFF! just released their debut EP on VICE and it totally kills. For those still unaware — OFF! is a band formed last year featuring Keith Morris, Dimitri Coats, Mario Rubalbcaba, and Steven McDonald [which equals Black Flag – Circle Jerks – Burning Brides – Earthless – Hot Snakes – Rocket From the Crypt – Redd Kross] So now if someone ever asks you, “How do you spell ‘supergroup’ ?” You can just respond with “O-F-F”. They’re playing tomorrow night in NYC [with our favorites, Liquor Store] but it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any national touring anytime soon — which is a mega bummer. They’ve also revealed plans to release First Four EPs — an EP boxset to come out in late November on VICE. They’ve also got Raymond Pettibon on board doing artwork for all the releases. Yeesh. Really wishing we were gonna be in New York for this one…

Buncha cool rockin’ daddys. Order it here. They’re also selling limited OFF! tees from their myspace designed by Raymond [only 300 made – so jump on it]

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