Finally! Another house in Nashville has stepped up to the plate and decided to start doing some shows!! Everyone, please welcome The Other Basement to the game. Their first show went down last week with Heavy Cream and Vacation and we gotta say — pretty sick for a first show. They’re upping it this weekend with a killer show featuring two bands we haven’t gotten to see in a good bit [Natural Child just got back from their tour with Gentleman Jesse and The Strange Boys — they’re heading out soon again though for that VICE/Scion show and a west coast tour. S.N.O.D. haven’t been playing out as much lately but we heard that’s because all the members got thrown in jail and they killed some people in jail and the jail thought they were so hard that they just had to let them back out. Ruff ryderz] Anyways, come out this weekend and get your kicks.

Saturday October 23
:: Natural Child
:::: Cy Barkley
:::::: D. Watusi
:::::::: Diarrhea Planet
:::::::::: Syrian Nukes Over Disneyland
@ The Other Basement
$5 sliding scale – All Ages – 8PM

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