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One of our favorite Nashville musicians just got some love thrown their way from the bad boys over at WFMU — and rightfully so. William Tyler [more commonly Willy T] has been keeping things in Nashville interesting for as long as we can remember and has had his hand in just about anything good that’s come out of here in the last decade. I mean… Sebastian Speaks, Vine Ridge House, Silver Jews, Lambchop, Paper Hats, Tim Chad & Sherry, one of our favorite blogs, one of our favorite DJs, we saw him play with Festival and Sigmund’s Mind Music before, one of our favorite people in general…  the guy is killing it on all fronts. He’s not stopping anytime soon either — his latest record is coming out in about a month on Tompkins Square. Head on over to the WFMU blog to read what Willy had to say about lots of different records he’s helped on and then give him a call and tell him how much he rules.

Willy’s new record comes out Noveber 23rd. William Tyler for Mayor

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