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We’ll go ahead and admit it: we don’t mind all this Scion biz. Some people blow their horns and claim “sell-out” — but all it really boils down to is that we’ve got like 5 pairs of socks we got for free, split 7″s from some sick bands, and they put together fun free shows. It’s not like you gotta buy the car or anything. And now they’re giving us a free new EP from The Spits. Haunted Fang Castle [pictured below] is some different ground for The Spits. Like, forilly weird. We’re figuring Scion just dropped the big bucks and the bad boys just shelled out a couple Halloween-y weirdo jams. Take the money and run. Anyways, click the picture below to download the new EP for free. There’s a downloadable booklet that goes along with it [and apparently there are 10″ records available — be on the lookout]

If you’ve been keeping up — there oughtta be a Hunx/Kid Congo split 7″ on the way and a J-Boys/Nobunz split on the way. Oh and Natural Child has a one-off listed in New York with Strange Boys later this month —- just sayin’.

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  1. leigh says:

    i went to kansas. thee oh sees were ridiculous (as always).
    so, that show (nat. child & strange boys) is a scion jam?

  2. John says:

    I just put up an interview with Pujol that I did from a while ago. It’s on the blog, An Outfit For Every Season

    If you have time give it a read and spread the word.

    And thank you for always posting awesome content.


  3. davey says:

    i hope those guys got free cars!

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