Wait… when was the last week that PUJOL wasn’t putting something out? Or maybe here’s a better question — when is the next week that PUJOL won’t be putting something out? We don’t have the answers. Fresh after putting out a new cassette [Sextape, available at Grimey’s] a Live EP and a Third Man 7″ [here] the bad boys are about to release another new single on you. This new single means an extra lot to us — we made Alive At the Same Time available for download a long time ago and now we’re finally getting to see it get the vinyl treatment it deserves. Jonas and the duders over at Turbo Time are who you can send your thank you letters to [that’s where we’ll be sending ours] The single [which you can buy for the first time tonight at Douglas Corner Cafe] comes on clear vinyl with the UK-stylee punchout. There’s also an alternate cover available for download here [talk about options. These babies always got you covered]

The cover on the left is the one that you’ll find on most of the singles. The cover on the right is the downloadable one [Personally, we’re feeling that one way more] Head on over to the show tonight or to the Turbo Time site and snag a copy now.

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