We talked about Liminanas a little bit ago but the bebes over at Trouble In Mind sent out some photos of their debut full length and we just couldn’t help but share. The self-titled record will up for order by the end of next week from the TIM site — so hop on it because there are only a limited amount of the mixed-vinyl copies. Plus, why would you not wanna get a record by a band that sounds like a French Serge Gainsbourg-y Velvet Underground? The other reason we wanted to make mention of this is because it’s the first 12″ LP that Trouble In Mind is putting out [I mean, up until now they’ve just been putting out sick singles for Ty Segall, Moonhearts, White Wires, Mean Jeans, Cococomas, and some others] Keep an eye on the TIM-ers, they prolly got some special treats in store for you sometime soon.

The Liminanas – Je Suis Une Go-Go Girl Alt [mp3]

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  1. rontle says:

    I WANT IT NOW!!!!!

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