Photo by Bekah Cope

Can’t stop talking about Useless Eaters lately. I mean, why should we? Dudes fucking kill it live and are putting out more singles than we can keep track of. They posted the newest of which, Space City, on their myspace and made it available for download [We went ahead and linked it to you at the bottom of the page] Word on the street is that they’re working up a hometown lineup so they can start playing on the reg again. Dreams come true. Seriously though we couldn’t be more stoked to have a band like Useless Eaters call Nashville home — only more to be proud of. Anyways listen to the new hit ——- SHIT RULES! Don’t know who’s putting it our or when it’ll be out, but whenever it drops you’re gonna wanna snag it before they’re all gone.

Useless Eaters – Space City [mp3]

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