Liquor Store is probably the best band that’s happened in the last 5 years. We’ll probably take that back soon. Ok, we’ll go ahead and take it back right now. But they are definitely one of our favorite bands around right now. I mean, who puts out a 7″ that comes along with a coupon for a free pizza? And not just any pizza — some real fuckin’ Moustache pizza [Some of you know what we’re talking about – for everyone else, inform yourselves] Liquor Store spent the summer recording their first full length. No word as to when it’ll actually be out, but if it takes as long as this 7″ did then you can expect it sometime in 2013. The 7″ [out on Almost Ready — you know, the label that puts out all the World’s Lousy comps. Harry] features two tracks: Free Pizza and Trash Sandwich [Parts 2 and 3] We’re not sure of anywhere you can snag it other than on eBay or at a Liquor Store show, sorry. But, hey, here’s a vid of Sarim and the dudes belting out a new tune in a real crappy video.

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