Those Third Man dougies are really piling it on this week [Show Sunday, show Monday, biggest best shows ever on Friday and Saturday, and a couple new releases on top] They announced the other day that they’re bringing sweet little red-head betty, Jenny Lewis, in for a special Jenny & Johnny show and then announced that your favorite D-town rockers, Tyvek, are gonna play on Monday night. Both of the shows are only $3 and are sure to be well worth your money. Tyvek came through last Spring at Little Hamilton and we think they’ll probably come across much better inside Third Man’s big blue room. Anyways, hit ittt

Tyvek – Air Conditioner [mp3]

Sunday September 26
:: Jenny & Johnny
@ Third Man Records
$3 – 16+ – 6PM

Monday September 27
:: Tyvek
:::: Denney & The Jets
@ Third Man Records
$3 – 16+ – 8PM

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