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So we’ve been tweeting and dropping hints for the last couple weeks about how we’ve got something cooking up for Next Big Nashville — well — HERE IT IS! We’ve been tag teaming with the bad boys over at Third Man Records and we’re bringing the two best nights you’ll find of the whole festival. The first night [Friday October 1] features all your favorite local bands along with a couple others. It’s gonna be so sick. Check this lineup:

JEFF the Brotherhood

The Ettes
Cheap Time
Heavy Cream
Cy Barkley

Pretty gnarly, right? Right. Well, Saturday’s just as stacked. We’re bringing in our favorite Miami bebes Jacuzzi Boys to blow everyone outta the swamp again. They were here not too long ago at Glenn Danzig’s House and put on one of the best shows we’ve seen all year. Don’t miss them this time. Here’s the whole night for you:

Jacuzzi Boys

Turbo Fruits
D. Watusi

So stoked….. but the thing we might be most stoked for [and we can finally stop biting our lips about] IS THAT THE PUJOL LIVE RECORD IS GONNA BE RELEASED AT THE OCTOBER 2ND SHOW! Oh wait — let’s backtrack for a second. Back in May, Pujol opened for Nobunny at Third Man. Unbeknownst to the most of everyone, they recorded the Pujol set too. We’ve heard it and it sounds so killer. Pick up the EP that night…..

You thought we were done?! WRONG! PUJOL’S also gonna release the BLACK RABBIT 7″ as a part of Third Man’s Blue Series that night. The 7″ [produced and recorded by Jack White] features the hits Black Rabbit and Too Safe on it. It’ll be available on plain black and tri-color after the show in the store. Yeesh, so many goodies it feels so good to finally talk about these things. OK, just a couple more huge ones to drop on you — there will be Black & Blues available from these shows, meaning – Yes, there will be more live records. Both shows cost $5 [it’s a part of NBN, but we wanna make sure we get everyone in there for these parties] And you can pick up tickets at the Third Man store. We’ll have more stuff to say about the shows in the coming week– but for now, consider your mind BLOWN.

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  1. Josh says:

    I can’t wait…so stoked

  2. Darn good shows. Wish I was in Nashville.

  3. oshoney says:

    Is it still $5 even with a NBN wristband/badge? Or is that just for general public?

  4. Josh,

    Dude — we are so stoked too.


    Those pictures you sent us are killer. Bring Hot Hands up to Nashy sometime or just email us if you guys wanna come through. We can set something up probably.


    We are letting in 25 wristbands/badges for each night. Otherwise, it’ll cost five bones [still not unreasonable] we gotta have a little bit of money to compensate the J-boys driving all the way from Miami for this. you know!

  5. oshoney says:

    Absolutely. Still excited either way!

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